Happy birthday to me!

Today I hit the grand old age of 3! Yes really, can you belIeve it? I still look like a young puppy, don’t you think?

The day started of well. I had birthday cards to open from Lucy and Pa and sausages for breakfast. Then it was a trip to the park to meet up with my friends Ollie, Teddy and Digby where we spent an hour or so chasing tails, squirrels, joggers and small children on scooters.

After that though things took a turn for the worse when my people took me to Valerie’s for a bath and a haircut 😦 Guinness and Rupert where there though so it wasn’t all bad. We exchanged doggy gossip and shared some tasty birthday biscuits.

After picking up Lucy from school it was time to open my presents and for some birthday cake! Yum!!

Time for a nap now, it’s been a busy day 🙂

NOT Another Dog Show!!

Boring boring, BORING!! I wanted to howl out at the Dog show. All the those dogs just parading around a small ring, all for just a lousy rosette! Why do they do it? Then to add insult to injury, I came 6th in Most handsomest Dog! Just look at me, I’m seriously gorgeous. No-ones got any sense around here! I shall SUE!!

Even worse, one of the rosettes was pink! Can you believe it? The cheek of it. It’s disgusting. I DON’T look pretty in pink, whatever people say. AND I didn’t come first in any category, just look at these!!

The closest I came to getting first place was being placed 2nd for The Best Child Handler and that really is Lucy’s win not mine! 😦

I feel quite sick!


My friend Chester

My friend Chester came over today. Now don’t think me rude when I tell you that he is completely bonkers!!! He’s a very handsome black & white spaniel, about 18 months old – so really should know better! He seems to find it impossible to sit still for even a minute. Now I like a bit of fun like all dogs but after a bit I just want to sit down, relax and have a scratch, but with Chester around it just can’t be done.

To make matters worse, later after lunch, when we all went for a walk, I behaved myself impeccably – as I usually do, but Chester ran about all over the place, getting lost, rolling about in the mud, chasing squirrels  and causing his owner to go quite red in the face with all her shouting! But get this, whenever he came back from being naughty he would be “rewarded” with one of my tasty sausages! Yes, that’s right, one of MY sausages!! The cheeky monkey only ran of again, knowing full well he’d get another sausage when he came back! Perhaps he’s not as daft as he makes out!!!


Chester sitting still for a second! 🙂



Who prayed for rain?!

Not much has been happening in my world lately. I had a great time with my mates last week in the park,  but since then it’s been nothing but rain, rain, rain. 😦

As I may have mentioned before, I hate getting wet, it’s not pleasant and it certainly isn’t a good look!



Apparently, we’ve got a drought here in Blighty – although I’ve no idea where in Blighty it is, cos it sure isn’t here in Reigate!!! 

And if all this rain isn’t bad enough, I’ve been put on a diet! Yes, a diet! Can you believe it? How very dare they say I’m fat!!! I’m just a little chunky that’s all!! 😦

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